The 11th International Conference on Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites on May 16-17, 2011 will take place at the Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center. The conference will gather experts from the scientific, technical, and commercial communities to encourage the exchange and dissemination of information on the latest advances and future opportunities. Alternating years with its Canadian counterpart, this biennial spring conference has evolved into the largest of its kind.

A two-track format of formal presentations will explore the nature, structure, performance, markets and issues concerning wood/natural fiber-plastic composites. An evening reception on May 16 will feature poster presentations and industrial exhibits by researchers and suppliers of materials, equipment, products, and technical services.

Who should attend:
- Researchers and educators
- Producers and potential producers
- Suppliers of wood and biofiber plastic composites
- Suppliers of equipment and services
- Consultants and engineers

Monday Morning
Plenary Session

  • In this session, attendees will hear from Mohini Sain, a leading innovator in biofiber composites on the need for innovation and what it takes to be successful. Also highlighted will be the latest developments in Europe from Marc Thometschek and in China from Wayne Song.

Monday Afternoon
Session IA: New Characterization Techniques

  • Understanding material performance requires a well-characterized composite. Researchers are applying new, advanced techniques to better characterize fiber dispersion, strain distributions, material anisotropy, fracture toughness and more.

Session IB: Perspectives, Opportunities, and Developments

  • This session reviews intellectual property and describes recent litigation. Also highlighted are new opportunities and developments including a new hydrophobic lignocellulosic filler, an information database designed to help manufacturers replace glass with natural fibers, fluid-assist injection molding technology, and advances in composites for the aerospace and construction industries.

Tuesday Morning
Session IIA: Insights into Mechanical Performance

  • What makes these materials tick and how does that affect material performance?  This session describes how researchers are gaining a better understanding of the starting materials, processing and treatment effects, the interphase, and how performance can be understood and predicted. 

Session IIB: Applications & Processing

  • The industry remains dynamic as new materials, processes, and products are developed. This session highlights optimized extrusion processing for recycled plastics, density reduction using glass microspheres, formulating for injection molding in automotive and other applications, using wood flour and biopolymers to increase sustainability in packaging, commercial panel manufacturing, and laminated panel products.

Tuesday Afternoon
Session IIIA: Advanced Reinforcements/Biopolymer Composites

  • Wood flour is not the only wood-derived filler or reinforcement - nor are all matrices necessarily petroleum-based. This session highlights aspects relevant to the high-performance side of wood/natural fiber reinforcements as well as new composites with biopolymer matrices.

Session IIIB: Durability

  • The durability of these composites is complex and involves many, interacting variables. This session is entirely devoted to this important topic and includes the latest research on material effects, evaluation methods, and methods for optimizing durability.

As in our 2009 conference, awards will again be given to the best student poster.

An optional tour of the new USDA Forest Products Laboratory 90,000 square foot research facility will take place on Wednesday morning, May 18.

The 11th International Conference on Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites and Nanotechnology in Wood Composites Symposium are organized by USDA Forest Products Laboratory and the Forest Products Society located in Madison, Wisconsin.

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