The International Conference on Wood Adhesives is the premier forum for scientific and technical exchange on the topic of wood adhesives.The event is expected to take place in Fall 2017 in the Southeastern United States. Check back later this year for more information.

Our goal is to bring together all the parties with a special interest in wood adhesives: Whether you are an adhesive supplier or user or user of the downstream product; from industry, academia, government, or NGO, this conference provides an opportunity to interact with leaders in the field from around the world and hear about the latest developments.   

In 2017, we expect to surpass our 2013 attendance, which had more than 200 participants from 25+ countries.

If your business depends on having solid technical knowledge about glued wood products, this meeting is for you.  We recruit the best technical thinking in the field of wood adhesives so you get the most value for your time invested and will have access to the proceedings.

The 2013 session topics included:

  • Energy concerns and opportunities for bonded forest products
  • Structure and properties of bonded wood products
  • Impact of regulations and consumer preference on wood products
  • New wood-based bonded products
  • Bio-based and novel adhesive systems, resin chemistry
  • Bonding to unconventional substrates
  • Analytical and Testing Methodology
  • Developments in Fundamental Understanding of Wood Bonding
  • Modeling
  • Composites
  • Engineered wood products
  • Other applications

Information about Call for Oral and Poster Presentations will be available soon. For more information and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Scott Springmier, Forest Products Society Executive Director email


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The 2017 International Conference on Wood Adhesives is organized by the Forest Products Society.

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