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This Interactive Library comprises 3 databases that include thousands of technical articles, conference proceedings, publication abstracts, and more.

How you’ll find what you're looking for. You can search the Interactive Library by using publication title, author’s name, year published, article title, subject area, key terms, and/or species. Searches result in detailed information about each article and an abstract. Users may then decide to access the searchable full-text PDFs.

The full-text articles are free to Members of the Forest Products Society and on a pay-per-article basis for nonmembers.


Forest Products Journal (FPJ) and the Hardwood Symposium Proceedings (HSP)

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The FPJ/HSP database includes over 7,000 technical articles published by the Forest Products Society plus more than 500 articles from the proceedings of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) annual Hardwood Symposium.

The Forest Products Society articles have been published in the Forest Products Journal (FPJ) since 1947. The Forest Products Journal is well respected for publishing high-quality technical research reflecting the current state of wood science and technology. The Hardwood Symposium Proceedings have been published since 1973 and provide valuable information about the North American hardwood lumber industry.

2. FPS Publications

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The FPS Publications database contains conference proceedings, guides, manuals, and text books published by the Forest Products Society between 1970 and 2007. Also included are publications distributed by FPS, including the wood technology books from Miller Freeman. Numbering over 200, these publications cover a broad range of topics related to wood and fiber properties, products, and markets.

3. PCforest

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The PCforest database contains 14,639 records for the patents, books, and articles abstracted by the Society from proceedings, laboratory reports, technical journals, and trade journals published between 1974 and 1986. Exceptions to this date range are worldwide articles on wood machining compiled by Dr. Peter Koch and his colleagues, some of which date back to the 1940s. This database represents a significant body of basic wood science and technology information that will be useful to individuals working in research and development.


The Forest Products Society gratefully acknowledges the founding contributions of the Wood Education and Resource Center and the National Hardwood Lumber Association. FPS would also like to recognize the supporting contributions made by: AF&PA, AMBAR, Inc., American Fiberboard Assoc., American Wood Dryers, Inc., Andersen Corporation, APA–The Engineered Wood Assoc., Arch Wood Protection, Inc., CSI, Delmhorst Instrument, Co., Frank Lumber Co., Inc., Hamilton Roddis Foundation, ISK Biocides, M. Sprague, PFS Corporation, Potter Lumber Co., Inc., Qualtim, Select Millwork, UC Berkeley, Wagner Electronic Products, WCLIB, Weyerhaeuser, Windsor Mill, and WWPA. Individual contributions were made by: Bill Boehner, Jim Bowyer, Bill Galligan, John Haygreen, Mike Hunt, Geza Ifju, Alan Marra, Sita Millar, J.R. Stillinger, Herb Seidel, Jim Snodgrass, Mike Taras, Louis Wagner, and Paul Winistorfer. The contributions from the FPS Great Lakes and Midwest Sections are also appreciated.