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Publication: Forest Products Journal
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Publish Year: 2008
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Title: Ability of pressure treatment with wood preservatives to kill or limit emergence of invasive insects using Arhopalus productus as a model species
Anumber of high-profile invasive species introductions have been associated with solid wood packaging materials (SWPM). The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization currently recommends fumigation or heat treatment for preventing
species introductions associated with SWPM, yet neither of these methods provides long-term protection against reinfestation. Chemical pressure impregnation may provide this protection, but little is known about the ability of these processes to kill
established insect pests. In order to assess this technology, naturally infested samples were pressure-treated with three conventional wood preservative systems, and the ability of larvae and adults to emerge from these materials in field conditions was determined over a 2-year period. Larvae survived the initial treatment processes, but no adults emerged from the treated material. These results were surprising because the larvae survived both the high pressures during treatment and the complete penetration of the galleries.

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