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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
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Publish Year: 2004
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Title: What Governs the End-Consumer’s Choice of Floorcovering? A Study of Substitute Competition
There is limited knowledge of factors affecting the end-consumer’s choice of building material for specific purposes, i.e., the mechanisms of substitute competition, necessary to understand the competitive situation of wood. An exploratory study of the Dutch floor-covering market revealed that context, usage context, as well as the general life situation and individual experience, are of crucial importance in substitute competition. This contextual character severely limits the usefulness and adequacy of interviews with fixed reply alternatives, as well as classical statistical methods of analysis. In this paper a qualitative approach as to data collection is combined with multivariate analysis. The results indicate that by using this methodology it is possible to determine what the decisive predictors of material preferences are, and to comprehend the underlying motives/perspectives. The results further show that, unlike the other floor-covering materials studied, the reasons determining the choice of wood are apparently exclusively of a nonfunctional nature.

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