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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
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Publish Year: 2004
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Title: Guidelines for Sustainable, External Corporate Growth: A Case Study of the Leading European and North American Companies in the Wood Industry
In the wood industry , growth (in terms of increasing revenue, market share, sales, or even production volume) has often been an objective as such rather than an outcome of a value-creating investment strategy . Poor industry -wide profitability and sensitivity to economic fluctuations has lead companies to rethink their growth strategies. This paper 1 ) offers a fresh perspective on research on basic industries by considering companies in the wood industry as knowledge organizations, 2) contributes to our understanding of the various dimensions of the growth concept by bringing in intangible growth attributes, and 3) describes how the aim toward sustainable, profitable external growth has been implemented in the leading North American and European companies in the wood industry . A multiple case study design was used with primary and secondary data sources. The basic
units of analysis were the twenty -seven leading companies in the wood industry in seven countries in both Europe and North America. The findings imply that the importance of efficient, large-scale production has not diminished in the wood industry . However, securing growth in knowledge-attainment resources has gained in importance, and is necessary if the benefits of increased volume are to be realized. The company benefits from belonging to a strong corporation in this integration of opposing aspects.

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