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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 10, Article No. 1
Publish Year: 2013
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Title: Consumer Preferences for Wooden Garden Products and Related Requirements for New Products
Gardens have been a fairly neglected research topic, and wooden garden products, in particular, have been analyzed in only a
few consumer studies. This article presents the results of a Finnish study designed to fill this knowledge gap by studying consumer
preferences in three garden product categories: fences and decking, yard structures and garden furniture. The data were
collected in Finland by means of a structured survey (n = 347) during the summer of 2011, and analyzed using standard multivariate
methods. The most important aspects of product quality for all wooden garden products were their technical quality,
functional properties and appearance. Additionally, some statistically significant differences were found in terms of product category,
gender, age and preferred method for completing garden projects. The results support some earlier consumer study findings—
e.g., women and older people tend to be more demanding consumers. Respondents also expressed requirements for new
products, in particular for those with better technical quality.

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