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Publication: Forest Products Journal
Authors: Kumar Satish|Morrell Jeffrey J
Reference ID: 39(10):19-24
Publish Year: 1989
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Title: Penetration and absorption of different compositions in six western conifers
The treatability of six western conifers with three types of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) was investigated with a modified full-cell process. As expected, sapwood generally treated more easily than heartwood of a given species. Treatability varied widely among species; noble fir sapwood was most treatable and Douglas-fir heartwood least treatable. Preservative-penetration requirements were met for only three species, possibly as a result of the short pressure period used in the study. Of the three CCA compositions tested, CCA-Type C oxide was associated with the highest chemical loadings, deepest preservative penetration, and most uniform chemical distribution.

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