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Publication: Forest Products Journal
Authors: Hong Sueungdo|Morrell Jeffrey J
Reference ID: 47(10):51-55
Publish Year: 1997
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Title: Treatability of Douglas-fir heartwood with ACZA or CCA: effect of site, silvicultural practice, and wood properties
The effects of site, silivicultural treatments, and wood properties on treatability of Douglas-fir heartwood with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) or ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate (ACZA) were studied. Thinning appeared to be associated with slight improvements in treatability, but combinations of thinning and fertilization had no significant effect on this property. Other factors such as site, height from which the sample was removed, and percentage of juvenile wood had inconsistent effects on treatability. Although the results indicate that silvicultural practices have minimal effects on treatability of Douglas-fir, further studies with more carefully defined materials are recommended.

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