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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 6, Article No. 1
Publish Year: 2009
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Title: Antecedents to Innovativeness in the Forest Products Industry
In this study , managers and hourly workers from three Oregon forest products companies provided their perspectives on phenomena that lead to firm innovativeness. A total of 198 valid responses were obtained. Scales were adapted from past research to measure two antecedents to employee perceptions of firm innovativeness (organizational commitment and climate for innovation, the
former acting as a second-order mediating factor). A discussion of scale properties is provided, followed by a brief comparison among companies regarding the factors that promote and prevent innovation in the workplace. The scales were found to be reliable and possess discriminant validity . The measurement model showed adequate fit and positive correlations among the constructs and provided support for the theoretical model. These findings suggest that companies can increase their innovativeness by fostering a favorable work climate. The effect of work climate on innovativeness is mediated by higher levels of organizational commitment.

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