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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 5, Article No. 4
Publish Year: 2008
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Title: Networking, Innovation, and Performance in Norwegian Nature- Based Tourism
Rural communities in Norway have been under great economic stress in recent years. There has been an increasing debate about how to utilize the large potential in a growing tourism industry to promote rural employment and income. This study is based on the institutional view of innovation with a focus on institutions that are important for stimulating innovations. The objectives are: 1 ) to
determine if networking is positively related to innovativeness and if innovativeness is positively related to performance in the nature-based tourism industry in Norway and 2) to develop an in-depth understanding of how different actors trigger a member of the industry to change, create, or otherwise innovate. An email survey was conducted of companies across the country followed by a qualitative study in one Norwegian municipality . Results indicate that there is a positive connection
between networking and innovativeness, and between innovativeness and performance. A qualitative case example illustrates the interaction among actors and the resulting impacts on the innovation process.

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