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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 5, Article No. 3
Publish Year: 2008
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Title: Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage in the Forest Products Firm: The Importance of the Resource-Based View
Prior research on forest products firms has examined external factors and largely neglected the role of internal firm resources and capabilities in creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Although a small and emerging body of research has examined competitiveness, competitive advantage (CA), and sustained competitive advantage (SCA), the literature is fragmented. Moreover,
it focuses on CA rather than examining SCA and provides few insights for managers. Thus, a systematic conceptual development of the role of firm resources and capabilities in creating and sustaining competitive advantage in the forest products firm is thought to be helpful.

The resource-based view (RBV) of the firm in the strategic management literature provides a theoretical lens to understand how firms could develop internal resources and capabilities and leverage them to achieve CA and SCA. In this paper, the perspective of the RBV is used to examine firm resources and capabilities and explain how they can be used in accordance with the attributes of the theory toward attaining SCA in the forest products firm. In doing so, constructs to which scholars have attributed competitiveness in the forest products sector are examined. The paper contributes to existing forest products literature in two major way s. First, our systematic conceptual framework helps to consolidate current nascent literature and stimulate future research in this important area.
Second, we believe that our model will help managers to better understand and use core ideas of the RBV to develop and leverage resources and capabilities in order to create and sustain competitive advantage.

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