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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 5, Article No. 1
Publish Year: 2008
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Title: An Assessment of the Supply Chain for Marketing Medicinal Plants from the Rainforest Region of Nigeria
Trade in traditional medicinal plants thrives in urban areas within the rainforest region of Nigeria. This paper evaluates the supply chains in medicinal plant trade and suggests measures to ensure the stability of habitats where medicinal plants are exploited for markets. Data were collected through a cross-sectional survey which combined a questionnaire with field observations and informal discussions with stakeholders involved in the marketing ofmedicinal plants. Data analyses revealed that the traders were specialists in plant product identification and were knowledgeable in traditional medicine. Traditional healers relied on these traders for the selection ofmedicinal products. The average net profit margins earned by a trader ofmedicinal plants per annum were N 26,7 50 (US$
206.80) in leafy materials, N 22,454 (US $17 2.7 0) in barks, N 24,245 (US $186.50) in roots, N 24,57 8 (US$ 189.10) in fruits and seeds, and N 18,245 (US$ 140.30) in mixed products. (The Nigerian currency is the naira (N). The exchange rate of the naira during data collection between March 2003 and October 2004 was 1US$=N130.) Post-harvest losses in medicinal plants were observed to be a
major problem for traders, resulting in income losses.

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