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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 3, Article No. 4
Publish Year: 2006
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Title: Current State-of-Knowledge: Innovation Research in the Global Forest Sector
Innovation research within the forest sector has experienced rejuvenation in recent years as global competitiveness of manufacturing industries has become a critical policy issue at national and regional levels. A broad picture of the state-of knowledge is needed to help identify gaps and future research needs. Accordingly, we provide a synthesis of the literature using a three-part typology: organizational innovativeness, new product development process, and innovation systems. The general literature in each area is briefly explored along with in-depth coverage of literature from the forest sector. Although each research area has been explored in the forest sector literature, the new product development process area is clearly underdeveloped. Very little is understood about how forest sector firms approach new product development or, on the other hand, why many apparently do not proactively develop new products. Future research directions for each research stream are discussed.

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