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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 7 Article No. 4
Publish Year: 2010
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Title: An Illustration of Lessons for Forest Sector Researchers and Managers from Current New Product Development Research
Forest sector innovation researchers suggest that the academy does not do an adequate job of transferring research findings to forest industry managers. While the forest sector-oriented research community has drastically increased the output of innovation-focused research in recent years, it has not necessarily been effective in transferring new findings in a form easily digested by forest sector managers. In addition, there has been virtually no effort to transfer the knowledge from the general innovation literature. With this shortcoming in mind, we reviewed all of the articles published during 2009 in the Journal of Product Innovation Management. We chose to limit our summary to articles focusing on the process of new product development in a setting relevant to the forest sector. We outline the results of six of the 43 articles published in 2009 and illustrate the insights available to industry managers and academic researchers from existing work outside the forest sector.

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