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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 8, Article No. 3
Publish Year: 2011
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Title: Analysis of Factors Impacting Supply Chain Management in the Wood Pallet Industry
This paper identified and validated relationships of theoretical factors affecting the wood pallet supply chain. The lack of information regarding how wood pallet manufacturers managed their operations, relationships, and uncertainties made it significant to explore the wood pallet supply chain through the application of a nationwide survey. For this purpose, 1,500 companies were mailed questionnaires with an adjusted response rate of 13.5%. Previous research and a literature review were used to develop a theoretical research framework that included the critical factors in the wood pallet supply chain. Once the data was collected, internal reliability and exploratory factor analysis tests were performed to ascertain and reduce the data. Then a multiple regression analysis was used to test for factor relationships. Results from the framework analysis indicated that higher levels of
the value-added process will lead to greater levels of supply chain relationships. Increased levels of supply chain relationships will improve the supply chain management performance. The results of this study focus on supply chain management practices in the wood pallet industry, and as such, it provides an initial model that would help as basis for future research. Manufacturers
should focus on the effective management of the value-added process (manufacturing) since it was demonstrated that it directly affects supply chain relationships, and as a consequence, it also affects supply chain management performance.

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