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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
Authors: 0
Reference ID: Volume 8, Article No. 2
Publish Year: 2011
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Title: Carbon's Potential to Reshape Supply Chains in Paper and Print: A Case Study
Interest in carbon has been growing, with academics, governments, the private sector, and civil society engaged in efforts to manage emissions. The purpose of this case study is to identify the origins and evolution of carbon management along a supply chain in the paper and print sector. It uses results from in-depth interviews to suggest a possible framework for assessing carbon's impact on the supply chain. We find that the use of biomass for energy and low-carbon transportation, such as rail and sea-based barges, can reduce the carbon footprint of a paper product. The interviews reveal that upstream and downstream supply chain actors are shaped by different pressures. Energy-intensive, upstream actors manage their carbon footprints in order to save energy and in anticipation of regulated carbon emissions. Downstream actors, in contrast, manage carbon in order to strengthen their corporate brand and maintain market share. Businesses trying to balance short-term costs, long-term profitability, and the maintenance of a corporate brand have identified carbon as a means for progress on all three fronts.

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