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L.J. Markwardt Wood Engineering Award

The L.J. Markwardt Wood Engineering Award is intended to encourage research and promote knowledge of wood in the engineering field as a means of enhancing the efficient utilization of wood. The Award is presented annually to the author or authors of a technical papers published during the two calendar years prior to the award year in either the Forest Products Journal or Wood and Fiber Science that is judged to be the most outstanding research paper in the field of wood as an engineering material. The award alternates annually between two categories: engineering science (basic research) in even numbered years and engineering practice (applied research) in odd numbered years.

A charter member of the Forest Products Research Society, L.J. Markwardt received international recognition as an authority on forest products and played a leading role in research that advanced wood as an engineering material. The L.J. Markwardt Award was established in 1969 to honor the late L.J. Markwardt. The award consists of an engraved plaque and an honorarium to the senior author and certificates to the co-authors. The award is presented during the Official Luncheon at the International Convention.

Past recipients

2018 //
Primary Author: Clevan Lamason, University of New Brunswick
Co-Authors: Bryce MacMillan, Bruce Balcom, Brigitte Leblon; University of New Brunswick, Zarin Pirouz, FPInnovations.

2017 //
Primary Author – Simon Aicher, epartment Head, Research Associate, and Research Associate, Timber Constructions, Materials Testing Inst. (MPA Stuttgart, Otto-Graf-Institut [FMPA]), Univ. of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Co-Authors: Zachary Christian, Univ. of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany; Gordian Stapf, Univ. of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

2016 //
Primary Author – Fred Kamke, Oregon State University
Co-Authors: John Nairn, Oregon State University; Lech Muszynski, Oregon State University; Jesse Paris, Oregon State University; Matthew Schwarzkopf, Oregon State University; X. Xiao, Argonne National Laboratory.

2015 //
Primary Author – Jan Oscarsson, Linnaeus University
Co-Authors: Anders Olsson, Bertil Enquist, Linnaeus University

2014 //
Primary Author – Shan Gao, Northeast Forestry University
Co-Authors: Xiping Wang, Lihai Wang & R. Bruce Allison

2013 //
B. Kristoffer Segerholm
, Division of Building Materials, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Researcher, SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
Stefan Vellekoop, Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
Magnus E.P. Wålinder, Division of Building Materials, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Centre Manager, EcoBuild Institute Excellence Center, SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 //
Dr. Rastislav Lagana
, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia
Dr. W.G. (Bill) Davids, University of Maine, USA
Dr. Lech Muszynski, Oregon State University, USA
Dr. Stephen M. Shaler, University of Maine, USA
Moment-curvature analysis of coupled bending and mechnosorptive response of red spruce beam, published in Wood and Fiber Science 43 (3) 2011.

2011 // Peter Seaders
MSS, Inc., Oregon

2010 // David W. Green and James W. Evans
Effect of Cyclic Long-Term Temperature Exposure on the Bending Strength of Lumber and The Immediate Effect of Temperature on the Modulus of Elasticity of Green and Dry Lumber

2009 // David M. Carradine, Donald A. Bender, Frank E. Woeste, and Joseph R. Loferski
Development of Design Capacities for Residential Deck Ledger Connections

2008 // William T.Y. Tze, Shane C. O'Neill, Carl P. Tripp, Douglas Gardner, and Stephen Shaler
Evaluation of Load Transfer in the Cellulosic-Fiber/Polymer Interphase Using a Micro-Raman Tensile Test

2007 // Daniel Hindman, Harvey Manbeck, and John Janowiak
Torsional Rigidity of Rectangular Wood Composite Materials and Torsional Rigidity of Wood Composite I-joists

2006 // Chungping Dai, Changming Yu, and Xiaoyan Zhou
Heat and Mass Transfer in Wood Composite Panels During Hot Pressing. Part II Modeling Void Formation and Mat Permeability

2005 // Ronnie Vun, Qinglin Wu, and Charles Monlezun
Ultrasonic Characterization of Horizontal Density Variations in Oriented Strandboard

2004 // Les Groom, Lawrence Mott, and Stephen M. Shaler
Mechanical Properties of Individual Southern Pine Fibers. Part I. Determination and Variability of Stress-Strain Curves with Respect to Tree Height and Juvenility

2003 Gary S. Schajer
Lumber Strength Grading Using X-Ray Scanning

2002 // Jerry Winandy and Particia K. Lebow
Modeling Strength Loss in Wood by Chemical Composition. Part 1. An Individual Component Model for Southern Pine

2001 // Donald J. Sharp, Stanley K. Suddarth, and Christine Beaulieu
Length Effect in Prefabricated Wood I-Joists

2000 // Patricia K. Lebow and Jerry Winandy
Verification of the Long-Term Effects of Fire Retardants on Bending Strength at Elevated Temperatures

1999 // Jacek M. Biernacki, Frank Lam, and David Barrett
Economic Feasibility of Improved Strength and Stiffness Prediction of MEL and MSR Lumber

1998 // Greg Foliente, Mahendra P. Singh, and J. Daniel Dolan
Response Analysis of Wood Structures Under Natural Hazard Dynamic Loads

1997 // Douglas Stahl, Steven Cramer, and Ronald Wolfe
Behavior of Metal-Plate-Connected Trusses with Square-End Webs

1996 // Jen Y. Liu, John J. Zahn, and Ewrin L. Schaffer
Reaction Rate Model for the Fatigue Strength of Wood

1995 // John Crowley, Jordan Dentz, Leonard Morse-Fortier, and Michel Parent

Reinventing Wood Frame Construction: Development of an Innovative Roof Component System

1994 // Roland Hernandez, Donald A. Bender, Brent A. Richburg, and Karen S. Kline
Probablistic Modeling of Glued-Laminated Timber Beams

1993 // Marcel Samson and J.R. Sotmayor-Castellanos
Constant Bending Method for Determining Modulus of Elasticity of Lumber in Structural Size

1992 // Douglas C. Stahl, Steven M. Cramer, and Kent A. McDonald
Modeling the Effect of Out-of-Plane Fiber Orientation in Lumber Specimens

1991 // J. Dobbin McNatt, Robert Wellwood, and Lars Bach
Relationships Between Small-Specimen and Large-Panel Bending Tests on Structural Wood-Based Panels

1990 // Philip E. Humphrey and Larry J. Ostman
Bolted Timber Connections Part 1. A Wafer Technique to Model Wood Deformation Around Bolts and Bolted Timber Connections Part 2. Bolt Bending and Associated Wood Deformation

1989 // Norman P. Kutscha and Richard W. Caster
Factors Affecting the Bond Quality of Hem-fir Finger-Joints

1988 // Joseph Murphy, Bruce Ellingwood, and E. Hendrickson
Damage Accumulation in Wood Structural Members Under Stochastic Live Loads

1987 // Robert J. Hoyle, Jr. and Harold C. Sorensen
Stability and Bracing of Parallel-Chord Wood Trusses

1986 // Daniel F. Caulfield
A Chemical Kinetics Approach to the Duration-of-Load Problem in Wood

1985 // A. Pizzi and F.A. Cameron
Fast-Set Adhesives for Glulam

1984 // Wade Beery, Geza Ifju, and Thomas E. McLain
Quantitative Wood Anatomy--Relating Anatomy to Transverse Tensile Strength

1983 // John Peterson, Glen Madson, and Russell Moody
Tensile Strength of One-, Two-, and Three-Ply Glulam Members of 2 by 6 Douglas-fir

1982 // Gregory E. Phillips, Jozsef Bodig, and James Goodman
Flow-Grain Analogy

1981 // Masami Noguchi
Ultimate Resisting Moment of Butt Joints with Plate Connectors Stressed in Pure Bending

1980 // Charles C. Gerhards
Time-Related Effects of Loading on Wood Strength

1979 // Selwyn P. Fox
Development and Tests of 26f-E Hem-fir Glulam Beams

1978 // John J. Zahn
Reliability-Based Design Procedures for Wood Structures

1977 // Anton Polensek
Rational Design Procedures for Wood-Stud Walls Under Bending and Compression Loads

1976 // Donald H. Percival, L.A. Beineke, Quentin B. Comus, Phillip J. Prestrzelski, and Stanley K. Suddarth
Influence of Heel Wedges and the Stiffness and Strength of Wood Roof Trusses with Metal Plate Connections

1975 // Fred J. Keenan
Shear Strength of Wood Beams

1974 // L. W. Neubauer
A Realistic and Continuous Wood Column Formula

1973 // Anton Polensek
Response of Nailed Wood-Joist Floors to Static Loads

1972 // M.D. Strickler and Roy Pellerin
Tension Proof Loading of Lam Stock for Laminated Beams and Tension Proof Loading of Finger Joints for Laminated Beams

1971 // John F. Senft and Stanley K. Suddarth
Strength of Structural Lumber Under Combined Bending and Tension Loading

1970 // Geza Lantos
Load Distribution in a Row of Fasteners Subjected to Lateral Load

1969 // Charles C. Gerhards
Seasoning Factors for MOE and MOR in 4-inch Southern Pine Lumber