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How Can FPS Benefit You?

  • Academics – Publish, network with peers and industry, stay current with industry news and new research findings.
  • Students – Publish, gain practical information, network with potential employers, and get to know the right people within your chosen field.
  • Industry Professionals – Connect with the best and brightest in your field, collaborate with service providers, learn about new developments, enhance recruiting, connect with academia on new, current, and future research.
  • Service Providers – (engineering firms, consultants, etc.) Locate and develop customers, gain information to expand business, stay current with industry news, strengthen your network.
  • Suppliers – Network with the 'doers', find out what’s going on, develop sales contacts, refine new product ideas, find potential employees.

FPS Members Receive:

What Does it Cost?

Individual   $155 US (1 year)   Developing Country $35 US  
    $295 US (2 years)   see list of countries  

$420 US (3 years)

        Retired $25 US
Student   $25 US   available only to past individual members

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